Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pit Senyor!

because my leave wasn't approved for Sinulog, my pictures speak for itself! i only got a few hours to have my share of the celebration! then off to work! :( such a loser!

the only float i came to close pose with! haha! parked just outside our company building!

our DIY shirts! pardon the ink shortage! heheh!

which design do you prefer?! heheh! 

beer anyone?!

thanks baby for sending me to work safe and super late!

and so the streets are open for the people to resume the streetparty!
a long walk is coming! hehe! no spoilers from jeepneys and cabs!
severe gastrocnemius pain is anticipated! yeyeyey still! :)

hello garbages! and to the wasted people with paints
all over their faces and shirts! VIVA! PIT SENYOR!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

so long 2013!

when working on night shifts, you'd fail to notice the exact date as it advances! and so... later did i realize that earlier was the 31st of december 2013! good thing i'll be meeting up with my girlfriends so we could catch up over breakfast! yeyeye! best way to reflect the whole year is with friends whom you spend the most time with! while kei and aisha were busy prepping our meal, i was playing candy crush! kitchen's not for me! they even laughed with my awkward and scary knife handling! heheh! guess, pencils are my only bestfriend! :p after breakfast, we then chitchat and found out that we three never had a travel together! so we then hurried and look for the soonest air fare promo and book a flight to Baguio! yeyeyeyy! something to look forward to this 2014! :)

surprised to see Kei's perfectly made pancakes! i used to question her cooking passion!
thought it's just a frustration or some char2x!... heheh!

yep! they did the cooking!

while i'm on the sofa and about to grab my tab for candy crush obligations! heheh!

well... it's not like they prepared a complicated meal... just the basics! hehhe!
pancakes, pancit canton and corned tuna! busog japon mi! :)

pardon the haggard face! i had no sleep! i'm on night shifts, remember?
but to be honest...even after a long straight slumber, there is no difference really! :p

right after the long chitchats and booking our flight, we slept our tired ass out!
we need to be awake afternoon so we could go home and be ready to spend the eve with fam!

Kei needed to stop by La Vie Parisienne to grab some champagne!

and to my surprise, few people were there! yeyey! finally!
i can snap a quick shot of the place! 

kei's confused between the two champagne bottles that's so much alike!
she can't recall the one she was able to try a few days ago! hehe! (gore!)
and yet i had to disturb her so she can pikchur2x me! hehe!

their lovely wine cellar! you can also grab coffee and French macarons or croissant!
whichever you like it!

lovely ambiance right? i just find it weird why they decorated it with cherry blossoms!
do France grow cherry blossoms?  i thought it's in Japan and Korea... not sure though!

i wanna stay in this pretty egg-shaped hammock! is it Easter Sunday yet? hahha!
and is that a hammock? another weird decor!

my forever bestfriend! thank you Lord for letting
our paths crossed when we were still in gradeschool!

till next year guys!.. oh yeah, it's officially New Year! :) please be better 2014!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SATBUCKETS Christmas Dinner!

It's been a tradition already to gather for our Christmas Dinner! I believe this is our 3rd year to commit the agreed practice! and we file our leaves months ahead for this red letter day! But for some reason, my leave was not approved! I need to rush for my shift's at 9pm! But because i'm genius, and my brain cells are transmitting neurons activating my hidden lying abilities, I came up with a solution! I called in pretending to be sick! HAHAH! As to most of you can surely relate to! I mean c'mon! It only happens once a year, plus you'll be with your dearest friends! Worth the absence, right?!

We had dinner at Canvas Bistro Bar Gallery, an Australian cuisine resto!
can't really appreciate the food for i am so overwhelmed with the non-stop
talks we had catching up on so much!

my consistent tardy bestfriend Kei and my guy version Philip!

OOTD: blazer: Zara, top: got it from mama's closet,
shorts: Emz online shop, shoes: Forever21

my Fetuccini! i so love!

We are so complete! yeyeye! yet without gifts! haha!

our long lost friend Marimee! damn i miss her!
we had a fight not so long ago! a thing so common with friends!
a misunderstanding for bailing on us like a countless time!
good thing she showed up! see? it pays to drama sometime! hehe!

their OOTD's! i have the most pretty and gorgeous friends in the world!

Philip's DIY black vest! how'd u find it? he'll surely make
a name in Fashion Industry soon! i should know! :)

Hazkit came so very late for she had to attend her company's xmas party!
she's the sexiest mom on earth! how can she not gain pounds?! so unfair!

and to wrap up the night? head off to the nearest Starbucks for caffeine dose!

and my Prince came to fetch me that night! hehehe! <3

the whole world will be so jealous for i have the sweetest boyfriend to ever exist! :) Ciao!

Friday, November 29, 2013

doodles! :)

and i'm back to my senses! senses mean getting in touch with my real love! drawing! and sketching! and coloring! I BOND WITH MY PENCILS again! isn't that awesome?!!! mmmm... well, for me, it is! and this time, i'm taking it to the next level! i'll be very particular with the details! i'll commit to stretch my attention span a bit!... mmmm... not a bit! but uuhhmm, setting my attention span way longer! hehe! yeah! longer! as in literally longer! hahha! the drawing i'm sharing below took me a month to finish it! when i can make one for just an hour way back high school! imagine? i badly need intensive recollection with my sketchpad and pencils! i can't forget my gift to do art! i'm blessed with the talent and i must use it when i still can!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines will survive you!

I am never the type of person to really mind the exploits going on in my country. For me, it's hopeless to believe any progress at all! To sum up the contemporary issues we hear in the news everyday, 'Corruption' is the root cause of it! It's sad that when our country is set to face a freak of nature, the authorities can't provide aid real time! Instead, blaming one another is the immediate action they do! It's always been like that! The Government thought they can fool their people! Well, you guys are wrong! Your response to all the shit going on is so choreographed that we can foretell right away what's behind your dark assess! PLEASE KNOW THAT YOUR PEOPLE ARE ULTRASMART to understand their rights and your role to run it over! Hope the devastation brought by Typhoon Haiyan will serve as a lesson not just to the people but to the Heads running this Nation! The country should be able to primarily aid its own people! If it weren't for the whole world joining forces, I just don't know where the people could find its strength to KEEP CALM and CARRY ON! But then again, I am left to be positive for a change! Let us take care of each other and be prepared by all means! Funds, facilities, medical assistance, and everything should be transparent and readily available to aid the people! Somehow, in some fashion, Philippines is still a lovable country after all! Filipinos, just hold on a little longer!

Disclaimer: None of these pictures posted  is owned by me