Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer Party '15 | Best Western Cebu SandBar

Our company did a summer blast, Saturday at Best Western Cebu Sandbar in Cordova. was so thrilled to see the resort but i am more giddy about the buffet. FYI, i was there for the food! haha! and oh, for the raffle too! i'm not gonna blab more of our wholeday activity but will just show you pics of the resort! and because i'm selfish, more pics of myself! haha! :p

great space for a number of employees to party! woootttwoott!

their man-made lagoon

their pool area with lots of outdoor furnitures to chill, paired with large shady umbrellas

that building at the back is for those who wish to stay overnight. sorry i can't show you
how big their room is, but the rate is 3.8k! ain't bad right? please do reservation ahead,
a colleague wanted a room a month ago but it's fullybooked already! see? 

my work BFF's being camwhores as always! 

there's actually a photo contest for selfies and groufies by hashtagging #QBECebuBlaze2015
but we failed to send an entry ... haha! we were busy checking out the place and chill a little!

this is the most fun part! the Foam Party!  perfect for summer
plus that band playing reggae in the background! AMAZING!

after they officially opened the Summer Party, there was Zumba to pumped
everyone's sedentary bones and to prepare it for the Titan Race!
then this Foam Party happened! the crowd went crazy under the sun!

us? camwhoring while some participated in the Titan Race and number of games!
by the way, there was an unlimited use of the canoeing equipment.
i would want to enjoy the kayaks and paddles but i didn't bring me extra clothes! :(

i love it when poeple don't mind poeple being crazy and having fun!
coz everyone in the party is CRAZY! hahah!

love this candid pic! perfect for cover photo! right? :p

and my OOTD! shoes: New Balance, shorts: Old Navy, top: c/o mom! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Badian Canyoneering

making friends is so hard for me! i always value those who understands me and my tantrums! i'm a middle child, ok? and bipolar too! plus a very strong personality everyone misjudged! haha! but who cares? i wouldn't mind having a few, as long as i know that i'm surrounded with people who knows every broken bone i've been through just to live! 

scratch that drama right there.. u might wonder where i'm heading to, but i just can't contain myself spending my weekend with people i claimed my second family! my X-Sykesmates! hooorraaay! they're the reason i have that passion to see the world by not spending much! in short, ERBOF travel! or HL or Katkat! hahah! 

a friend from Dubai came and wished to see and reunite us! accommodation will be on him and we'll just worry for our fare and food. generous right? haha! we spent an overnight at Lambug, Badian and decided to do Canyoneering the last minute! never in my wildest dreams hope to jump from a cliff or waterfall for FUN! i mean hello? where is FUN in that? so i need to spend just to be SCARED? that's ODD! haha! 

but since most of my firsts are with them, i know i'll be fine! and they're not gonna leave me not jumping! PACK ONE PACK ALL nani guys! wala'y biyaay ug traydoray! haha! here are the pics...

hello Lambug Badian, we checked in at 2pm! did a little stroll at around 4pm
coz we'll be spending the rest of our afternoon at Kawasan Falls. 

coz it's summer and it's so hot even at night, we deserve cold water to soak our tired asses!
by the way, Kawasan Falls changed a bit due to Typhoon Ruby. but it's been taken care of
by the locals, u can still have that same fun u used to get at the falls.

then came the day for the canyoning. most of us don't know what to expect.
but let's get it on! we haggled a multicab to send us to Alegria. 

then rode "habal-habal" at 40 pesos per head.

because there were a number of us, we paid 600 pesos each for the guide, life vest and head gears.
and 40 pesos entrance and another 40 pesos for the exit.

that's our guide right there! he's the most patient and smiling guide i know!
thank u for taking care of our safety and us! and for making us envious of how well
u did that very high dive! so inspiring! :)
note: never open your arms when you jump! 

the make or break! first jump off! if you can make it here, you can make it to the entire course!
trust me, it's so high and so deep! and this is my first time to ever jump. never have any idea
how it feels or if i can really do it! my knees did shake and it felt cold and weakening!

more than half of our group were so scared!
but due to cheering and supporting yells, we dared jump! yeeppeey!

now we'll see what's in store for us over the trail...

and because this is a last minute decision, nobody bothered to think of bringing snacks!
thankful to Norman for bringing jelly ace! nice!  so maybe this is halfway already..
 this is where they had us eat something.

what did Tyra say? FIND YOUR LIGHT! haha!

our only picture together! haha! we were busy swimming and jumping! so FFFUUUUNNN!

you might wonder where the exit is, it'll be at the Kawasan 3rd waterfall source!
which means, the trekking and long walks isn't over yet. it'll take half day for you to
finish the activity. so i would suggest, for those beginners, start at 6am
so you can take lunch around 11am. trust me, it's draining!

now off to Dumanjug for our lunch care of our Princesssseessst DUBAII-eeee! :)
thank you my friend for being the sponsor! hahah!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Breakfast | Dessert Factory

Inner peace begins the moment you eat "DESSERT" breakfast and SHINE ALL DAY! am i right? haha! thankful to Dessert Factory for offering breakfast at a very reasonable price. we ate at their Ayala branch open at 7AM! meal comes in five choices... beef tapa, chorizo, native longganiza, pork tocino and 3-egg omelet.. you can choose between plain or garlic rice, with a sunny side up egg on the side. and they do have blueberry waffle by the way, for those who cut rice out on their diet!.. ;p drinks are offered separately, but it's ok... it's less than a 100-pesos. so it's all worth it!

Since it's near our office, it's perfect for unwinding after a stressful shift! a place you can talk with your officemates before going on a restday :) and when your tummy is ok for another loading round, DESSERTS are so ready to be served! :) 

i ordered Pork Tocino (145 pesos)

Tiramisu Cake (70 pesos)

Banana Split (130 pesos)

PistaShew Ice Cream Cake (70 pesos)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Make Your Own Havaianas '15

the annual Make Your Own Havaianas 2015 is officially happening now! you can go check it at SM Cebu Northwing. this is their 10th year and to make their anniversary more memorable, they only offer 1 sole design! it's hawaiian-inspired perfect for summer in the beach.. so what are you guys waiting for, go grab your pair of havaianas flipflops and be trendy while you spend your summer! :)

no worries guys, they'll be here 'til May 17th ;)

my boyfriend wanted a pair, so we approached lovely 'Lilo' for assistance :p

you can still choose between slim strap or the thicker one.
that's how the sole looks like! a palm tree, beach and the hibiscus flower!

fortunately, line's not long! :p
they've finally managed the crowd well this time...

you'll gonna do the fitting first to be certain of your size.

they'll take the sole of your size and the strap of your choice.
straps come with flashy colors and they have metallics and pastels for you!

they now made holes ready for the straps to be fastened.

please do mind this reminder... :) once holed, considered sold! no exchange policy! :p

the only pins they offer.. few of it right?

once you have your pair, do these hashtags when instagramming! :)

approved?! approved!

a closer look of the sole design! isn't it cute? and my baby too?! heheh!

voila! your havaianas ready for strolling! :)

Aftershift Date | Cafe Sarree

i always anticipate RESTDAYS every week! i am so guilty of that. i would want 5 restdays and 2 workdays! haha! or if that's too much, how about adding a day in between saturday and sunday? not bad right? so... saturday morning aftershift, we decided to not hurry home. we kinda crave chicken! we dropped by jollibee for breakfast... and with our insatiable appetite, we still wanted desserts! for some reason, loisy kinda feel like treating us! it will be on her! yeyeye! thanks much loisy! just across Jobee in Escario is Cafe Sarree! it's got the nicest and accessible location, less crowd and simple western ambiance. so perfect for friends needing stress fix through unwind, chitchat and boisterous laughs! 

since this isn't my first time here, i did not bother checking what's inside. sorry about that!
we stayed outside to feel the morning air! :)
felt like something we see in an American TV show :)

they do have a branch in Ayala near Rustan's. 

their bestseller Brazo Slices (115 pesos)

Cafe Latte (95 pesos)

mango trifle (115 pesos)

strawberry shake (80 pesos)

pardon for not taking a picture of the entire menu!
just wanted to share their desserts! affordable, right?

and because Friday is dressdown, i took my New Balance sneakers for a walk! an OOTD!
it's my new favorite. guess it'll be abused in the next few weeks! :p