Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Doodle Tee Compilation!

To those of you who are unaware, I occasionally make a "DIY" tee for my close friends who are supportive of me generating money out of my sole hobby, "DOODLING/DRAWING"!  hehehe! I didn't coin the idea, but who could resist such fun thing! plus I'll be earning!  GENNIIUUUSS!

It all started when i posted this picture via Facebook! it got a lottah "Likes"
and a friend commented that she's willing to pay if I make one for her!
and so the thread goes on and on and i ended up buying
textile paints and brushes for my supply! :) isn't it brilliant?

this is the latest tee I made for myself!
whio's that POKEMON?... it's bulbasaur!

another tee for myself! i'm selfish! hehe!
and I have tons of white tees in my closet!

this is the very first tee I made two years ago!
it used to be just black n' white! and then i colored it! :p


These tees are for adults! it's for 99 pesos, if you secure the shirt! 199 pesos, if i'll be the one to provide it!


Kids Tees cost 88 pesos (with shirt provided) and 150 pesos (without shirt).
if you're interested, PM me via Facebook (
i won't be providing my number unless orders are validated! :p

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robo and Caroline Wedding

Last Saturday, I have witnessed two halves of beautiful souls joining together in lifes journey. A vow to "Always and Forever"... a celebration to God's gift of Love! I am just so blessed to have come to know a perfect example of True Love. Robo and Caroline serve as an inspiration that I can look up to. I was so happy to attend to their most special day, as they accept the holy sacrament of Matrimony!

Disclaimer: None of these pictures posted  is owned by me

Enough of the intro... let's get to the part on how I know the Groom, "Botoi" or "Robotoi"! Weird name huh? hehe! Well I came to know him way back highschool. Mmmm... wait!... let me scratch that! I know him before highschool. We're in the 6th grade joining Poster Making Contest held at CNU. He won first place, I ranked second. Seeing his poster helped me to better my work! His was so neat, full of colors and life... t'was so significant, happy, competitive yet humble... His poster speaks so much about him as a person.  I came to work with him in most of bulletin board contests in high school and stage decoration in college. We were always buddies in that area. I love how he acted as a leader and how he trusted me and believed in my talent too! His gift of mobilizing people, inspiring, motivating them to be at their best is one of a kind! He's that sweet, cry baby which until now, he still is! hehe! 

I am just so poud of you Botoi! Thank you for the memories and friendship we shared! You and Tita Perla always have that special place in my heart. (Send my regards to Tita Perla by the way! Thank her too for liking my FB pictures everytime! haha!)... I miss u both and I am praying for your happiness and success and good health!

Disclaimer: None of these pictures posted  is owned by me

Moving on to the most lovely and pretty Bride, Caroline! I came to know her in college through Botoi of course! In every activities we had before, she was there to support us. She's got that smile that can ease up our tired butts to keep us going. She complements well with Botoi's leadership skills. She cooked for us and accompany us when we need to market materials for the decoration. Again another rare quality you can find from a person! Thank you so much for the care you've shown us! Will surely treasure it in my heart! :)

Disclaimer: None of these pictures posted  is owned by me

So here are some thoughts on marriage i'd like to share to both of you! :)

and because I don't have a cam as huge as everyone else's in the event, I only got to snap a few! :) 

Congratulations Botoi and Caroline! by the way, i have read a trivia i'd like to share!
"The Wedding Ring goes on the left ring finger because it is the only finger

with a vein that connects to the heart!" :)
So always wear it with you!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Choobi Choobi

Last weekend, someone's craving for shrimps! We were about to go to Bucket Shrimps yet we happen to pass by this new resto just near Capitol area! The place is big and clean and a lot were eating there! Since they boast their cajun flavored shrimps, we decided to try it!

I highly recommend this new flavor they offer!
it's called "The Whole Choobang"! its Cajun flavor with a surprise spice
just makes you crave the moment you think about it!
plus its smell is making it definitely irrisistable!

the whole bag costs P250.00! it's got approximately 20 shrimps on it
with sweet corn! for me, this bag of shrimps is good for 4 persons!

we were there for the shrimps alone! we just added
linat-ang baka (P80.00) so we could have soup to sip on! 

cravings fulfilled! and satisfied!

and of course, our obligatory pic together! hihih!

Casa Verde

my little sister and i were complaining about our hair being dry and that it needs immediate damage control! when I say damaged, it really is damaged! so dry, split ends and needs cut or any of its fixing. Since it was a very long boring day getting our hair done, we deserved such a heavy meal! So where's it gonna be? Casa Verde! heavy meal indeed! :)

Casa Verde, Ayala is always full, so you have to have your name listed
and wait for your name to be called!

finally got our hair done! yeyey!

we're now inside getting ready to order rush! :p

Buffalo Wings - P128.00

Karlamari - P118.00

Brian's Ribs - P208.00

lafangan time! :)

and of course the massive Milky Way for desserts at P288.00

i just think this milkshake is good for six people!