Monday, June 29, 2015

Rainy Date | Handuraw

There is really something about the rain that makes you crave for anything random! May it be pasta or pizza or cheesecake or beer, etc.! Then they coined the term Monsoon Cravings! :p I know nothing on its scientific explanation. All i care for is to eat! So last night, we decided to celebrate our monthsary a day ahead... 3 hours ahead to be exact! hehe! He wanted beer and chicken while im still figuring out what i want. We grabbed a cab and headed to Handuraw Gorordo! They serve a variety of food on their menu. They're known for their pizza paired with a bottle of beer. Yet we sort of had this mutual decision to order their rice bowls! hahah! Guess we were that hungry, huh? 

Their best-seller Chicken Cacciatore (118 pesos)

Pork Binagoongan (128 pesos)

Happy Rooster Chili Wings (168 pesos)

Beef  Tapa (118 pesos)

Ice Cream Cake (78 pesos)

Fresh Ripe Mango Shake (78 pesos)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

El Nido and Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan

Rainy season is here! But it's not gonna stop me from making my summer a FOREVER whole year round! It's my second time in Palawan and i did share before ( click this link ), how i loved the place. I promised to be back and i did after two years! :) As expected, I still wouldn't mind booking another ticket to get back to this lovely island! Truly a heaven here on earth!

It's just a 3 days and 2 nights travel. I didn't have any trouble planning our itinerary for i know which places i need to see again. Because our flight schedule is dependent on Cebu Pacific piso fare promo, we didn't get to choose the preferred time. Ideally, to get a Puerto Princesa and El Nido combo package, you need to have a 4 days and 3 nights time frame. Plus, you need to book the earliest flight for the day. Unfortunately for us, promo flight schedule was offered in the afternoon. So we arrived in Puerto Prinsesa Airport at 4pm. 

What I did was I looked for a travel agency that offers a budget-friendly combo package for both El Nido Island Hopping and Puerto Prinsesa City Tour. Gladly, I found Iconquerph Travel in FB. The rate was so affordable. We were only four in our group. They offered 3,050 pesos per person, inclusive of van transfer from PPS airport to El Nido and then back, fan room accomodation, El Nido island hopping Tour A with picnic lunch, ecotourism fees and Puerto Prinsesa city tour.  The thought of it being so cheap scared me a bit, for we may not be satisfied with their service when we get there. But when we get to see our van, I was so happy for it's the latest model. T'was so comfy! Isla Inn in El Nido as well as Gracia's Inn in PPS were clean, decent and accessible. Their staff were so accomodating and friendly! They were able to reply on time whenever i contact them. 

El Nido is a 6-hour drive from PPS. We arrived past 10pm. Our room may not be air-conditioned, but it was still a wise choice for we only get to stay there over the night. The next morning, we head off for the whole day Island Hopping Tour A ( Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Seven Commando, Secret Lagoon and Shimizu Island ). Then after the Island Hopping, we need to hurry and prepare to get back to Puerto Prinsesa for the City Tour the next day. Time management is very important for it's only a 3D2N travel. We may be rushing our butts out, yet we still had much fun...we weren't exhausted at all! Below are some of the pics we took! It's evident in our faces how we enjoyed and loved it! 


see that backdrop? so picturesque right? :) it looks like a postcard right before u!

we were heading to seven commando first, for it will be crowded in the afternoon.
it is only in this island where everyone spend their remaining time
coz it's got a stall for coolers and stuff to eat.

how can you not fall for the finest sand on your soles and that clear sea green water to dip in?

it was so gloomy and we were praying hard that it won't rain... yet it did! :(

it has small shanties and beach chairs for everyone to use.

i enjoyed it so much... so thankful for the life vests they provide.

some corals were crushed due to Typhoon Yolanda.
but no worries guys, locals in Palawan know how to protect it.
i'm positive, it shall be restored soonest.

next stop is the Small Lagoon...

notice that small hole at back? it's where you need to pass to get to the small lagoon.
and it was raining! hahha! who cares? the beauty still beamed even more! :)

then the Big Lagoon! lovely huh?

not allowed to swim here but it has the most exquisite view perfect for picture taking!

see that? :)

another postcard-like picture, right?

then to Shimizu Island... i remembered it was in this island where we did fish feeding..
but it's no longer allowed now. the locals realized that it won't do good to the corals.
fishes no longer feed on algae for they are dependent to the feeds given by the tourists.
algae tend to accumulate and destroy the corals. which makes sense by the way!!!

we had our lunch picnic in Shimizu Island. our guides prepared it for us.
they served grilled pork belly, grilled fish, squid and fruits...

last stop should be the secret lagoon but since it rained hard, we won't be able to make it there.
water rose and the current there was strong. we won't be able to pass that very tiny hole to
get in to the lagoon. but it's okay, i was able to see secret lagoon during my first visit.
you can check my post HERE!!!

so we spent the rest of our time in Umbrella/Payong-payong Island.

we took tons of pictures....

and did an unlimited swimming!!! yeyeye! as if i know how! hehe!

at 4pm, we went back to our rooms and prepare to get back to Puerto Prinsesa at 6pm.


we arrived 12 midnight in Puerto Prinsesa. freshened up a bit then sleep 
for we had a long day of  fun in our El Nido Island hopping!

to start off the day, we headed to the nearest stop... PLAZA CUARTEL.

Plaza Cuartel had a historical significance that happened during World War II.
it used to be an underground bunker where Japanese held its prisoners.
when Japanese realized they were losing, they poured petroleum to
the prisoners and burned them alive.

that bronze statue at the back  had the names of the prisoners
who managed to survive the massacre.

just across Plaza Cuartel is the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CATHEDRAL. 

we lighted candles and whisper a few words to God...
thanking Him for keeping us all safe during our travel.

how'd you like their BAYWALK? they have the most spacious and clean baywalk i've seen.

according to our guide, it sort of transform into an amusement park during night...
barbecue stalls are everywhere and some would do biking and jogging here.

stopped over to their souvenir shop for pasalubong! they're famous of their cashew nuts.
and they have affordable keychains and ref magnets and shirts and more... :)

off to MITRA'S RANCH... this is owned by late House Speaker Ramon Mitra.
to get inside their house, you need to pay 20 pesos.

imagine how you can ride on a horse at 10 pesos only? i know it costs 100 pesos in Camotes. 

it's got tables and benches if you wish to rest and grab some light snacks.

that breathtaking view at the back is the Honda Bay.

went to Baker's Hill after... it's like a bakeshop inside a theme park!
 kids definitely will love it here.

there's a kitchen here too, pica-pica station, shake stall and pizza resto.

they're known for their Hopia as a pasalubong!
it has different flavors to choose from at 45 pesos per box.

lot of spots to camwhore :)

hello Fiona! your kids look odd! heheh!

of course, Shrek! Ogres really are huge! :)

love to see our matchy sneakers! so cute! :)

and since it's a bakery on a hill, it's overlooking!

last stop is the CROCODILE FARM! it's Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center.
 watch out for crocs, you might bump on each other as you stroll... hehhe

that is a real skeleton of a 17 ft long crocodile and its skin hangs on the wall.
it's believed to be a 60 year old senior croc! it was caught after it
swallowed half of a human body. it died because of STRESS! haha!

i can't imagine falling down there! 

aside from crocs, this center also serve as an abode to this Palawan Bearcat.

and Hornbill birds too!

plus a few Eagles.

calling it a day! now off to the airport!

so long PALAWAN! we'll visit you again soon! :)