Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pizza Republic: bday celebration continues...

bdays won't be complete without spending it with these crazy xteammates! been with these people for 5 to 6 years already. sharing so much of our immature personalities, we've mastered each of our weaknesses, likes, dislikes, familial issues, almost everything. hahha! so how can i ever missed spending my special day with these special people. 

we planned on having our team socials at Pizza Republic long before it first did its soft open. but we never had the chance to coz of people swarming this place. now that we no longer working on the same floor, we made our team social into a get together and catching up on my bday! yeyeye! everyone's excyted to pick and mix their own pizza preference.

most of us never like veggies! just meat! wonder how our pizzas turn into! hahah... i'll just have to select what i think is safe. white cheese, mozarella, onion, pineapple, tomato, bacon, sausage, pepperoni and more...

i was the happiest that night coz i missed them so much.
the humor is really different with them. always the best talk i can have!

they're like family to me. they've accepted me and embraced my flaws.
i can be myself when with them.

some weren't able to make it but definitely we'll find another time.

by the way, i forgot to say that i like the place.
never expected it to be spacious.
and it still is visited by tons of people.

these were picked by yours truly and momikat!
it's cheesy and meaty.. no greens and jargon spices.. hahah!

these were claude's and jay's...
it's second from the best (ours were the best) :P

these pizzas were shoti's piece. he said it's masterchef inspired. hahah

my ootd?! hahah! nope! just need to pose for documentation :p

since the pace was fast, i wasn't able to snap a pic from the dough,
to the cheeses, the meats then these spices and herbs!

i shouldn't be too picky. mine was simple and safe..
how about u baby? i know u only want tomatoes in this area. haha!

hey shoti? why so busy right there?

so sweet of u baby... and u were rockin those sexy back! Hehhe!

Monday, February 23, 2015

my bday, their treats!

t'was a very long day on my birthday! i had to meet my bestfriends for breakfast, a dinner with family and a surprise cake from my officemate at work. i did not take a bday leave for it was a holiday. it was Chinese New Year's too. so? Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

i had to thank God first for His gift of life.
for not giving up on me and for always believing that i'm strong..

i never wanted for my teammates to know that it's my bday.
but a few people already greeted me on facebook.
so yeah, there! my cake! haha!

i looked uneasy! haha!

after shift, off to besties breakfast.
a cupcake from la marea.
it was so so sweet of them!

and a present from Aisha, its got nail paints
and some hair clips, ring and bracelets.

and to keep the talk flowin', our obligatory frappucino,
c/o keisha for she has this free something from starbucks.

my lovely besties! I have the most pretty friends!
so lucky to have them! and since we don't want to go home yet,
keisha again treated me for movies.
we were supposed to watch That Thing Called Tadhana
but it's no longer showing. We watched 50 Shades of Grey instead!

Cafe Breeze: my 28th Bday!

last feb 19th, i celebrated my 28th bday! i am feelin' so old now! haha! it really scares me as age advances. so many what if's and what might's, the should'ves, could'ves and would'ves! is that a song? it is a song! haha! but it's true! when you're in your middle adulthood, you tend to look back and reflect on the mistakes you did, or regrets or the things u didn't try risking. for a person to really worry so much, it would really take its toll at a certain time. but i think, i am passed that. or just allow me to believe i am! 

i dream big! there are so many things i wish to give to my family. i always wanted them to be proud of me. though sometimes, they go overboard in letting me shoulder most of the responsibilities, failing to recognize the burden and the things i gave up for myself just to fill that role. i am still so thankful i have God to keep me strong. 

but what is fated or destined to be your future is still being shaped by yourself. you don't have to blame someone or something of the things you wish to achieve, yet didn't! it is never too late to pull yourself together! i am happier now and contented! i know what my plans are in the next few months. i am so much thankful to the people surrounding me. they're few but they're all that matters. my family, my boyfriend, my friends and God. 

moving on, let me share where i took my family for my bday dinner. i would want a dinner buffet so that we can eat with no limits! i am setting aside my diet plans. after all, it's just a plan! i can't commit myself to stop from craving... hahaha! so i've heard of this new Bayfront Hotel located at the back of SM cebu and Radisson Blue. there's a Cafe Breeze that offers dinner buffet for Php 349 per person. when i checked out their facebook account, i saw their february promo:
  • birthday promo: celebrants dine for free
  • weekday lunch: every group of six, enjoy 299 lunch buffet
  • lucky 10 promo: for group of 10, get 10% discount on your dinner bill.
so i booked a dinner buffet for 9 and availed the birthday promo! <3

that's my boyfriend right there and my niece.

my ever so happy mom when she got to see the place. she looked tired but she's not! haha!
my li'l sister on the left with my niece too. it's my sister-in-law on the right.
my big brother couldn't make it coz he's having stomache issues!

my li'l sister's bestfriend who's been like a family to us.

they sang a happy bday song for me
plus a very sweet choco cheesecake!

Heart's Day '15

on feb 14th, my baby was sick... we were looking forward to this day because it's like an anniversary of our first talk in person. as you may all know, we were neighbors. my mom is a good friend of his mom. but we never get to really be friends when we were young. i know everyone in their family, he knows mine too but it was only two years ago that he laid eyes on me! char! ming!.. haha!

but i won't be sharing further in details. i would just love to blog on what we did on valentine's. he was feverish and had cough and colds. he said sorry he won't get to give me flowers but he surprised me when i came to see him at their home. he was the one who made the bouquet. see how perfect it is?! just so proud of what he did for me. not all guys do it for their girl. thank you Lord for giving him to me. 

i am so so happy. i always love flowers!
did you know he's the very first person to give me a bouquet of flowers?
and right! t'was two years ago when he asked me if i'm ok seeing him.
t'was our first talk, feb 14th of 2013. as a proof, check out this link .
he chose green roses which is the lucky color of that year!
given that, you now know how he captured my heart! char!

got a box of  ferrero rocher chocolates! yeyye!

now it's time for dinner... where did we go? at Lemon Grass! we are now getting used to Thai cuisine. Lemon Grass is not just Thai but Vietnamese cuisine too. lesson learned, you have to book the resto you planned to dine on Valentine's. all of it is full. some restos don't entertain customers without reservations. hahaiz! so we had to like wait and took a priority number just to really cap the day!

this is the best grilled baby back ribs ever! it's to die for!

their garlic squid! nothing fancy, tasted just like that of calamares.

beef soup! love this! it's like sinigang coz it's soury! :)

their iced tea here is fine. not like that of  Banana Leaf..
or maybe i'm just used to regular iced teas served here. hehe!

we were again full and went home very in love! thank u baby! <3

Banana Leaf

we celebrate our monthsary every 29th! and because we're always together, we tend to forget it's our monthsary. everyday with him is love! nothing fancy surprises needed or sweet words needed for we're always on it everytime! char! ming! haha! 

this time, we made sure we won't forget it! so, i had to wake up and wait for him after his shift. he's on morning shift while i'm on the night shift. we decided to dine at Banana Leaf. 

we always pass by this resto but never bothered to try it. maybe because the place is tiny and most of the tables they have are placed outside. nervous that we might not like Thai cuisine, we still gave it a shot!

again, baby back ribs. not the usual look we always get from other diners.
this one is not grilled, i'm a little scared if it tastes weird!
but surprisingly, it is so delicious! loved it so much!

they also served one of the best chicken i've tasted in my life!
we promised to dine here again soon.

never try their tea! it's so weird!
it's like it has a banana leaf and coco and milk.
i can't describe it, will choose soda next time!

he grabbed some beer thinking he might not like the food.
but he thought wrong! hehe!

now we're full... we have to hurry and buy the shoes he tried on before our dinner!

i chose brown! by the way, he loved my choices too! :p
we are of the same taste in terms of clothing stuff!

he was confused between the brown or the maroon!
but i fought for brown to be picked! heheh!

he's just so tall! i am tall but when we're beside each other, i feel otherwise! haha!