Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Butanding in Oslob Cebu

Finally, i can wipe off  "Butanding" or Whaleshark-Watching from my "Explore Cebu list". I remembered how t'was epic fail way back 2012 when we went to Sumilon Island. The main attraction in Oslob should've been the Butandings, but we didn't wake up early morning. Everyone in our team was having hangovers, except me of course! As sleepyhead as I am, I refused to rise at 5am. So we headed to Tumalog Falls instead, then Sumilon!

Now that I'm with another company, my new officemates wanted to go there. I can definitely grab the chance to experience it. yeyeye! Call time was 4am, and I did make it on time! :p Oslob is a 4-hour drive from Cebu City. But since we were early, we got there 7-ish AM. I'm a little surprised how crowded it was. But fortunately, the locals managed to group tourists waiting for their turns.
It would cost:

300  pesos  - for watching
500  pesos  - for diving/swimming with Butandings
1000 pesos - for foreigners

There will be a 10-minute talk or orientation on to do's and don'ts. And they put emphasis on "We are not feeding them, we are LURING them!" :p

Coco Palms, Danao

Since most of us in our team will be quitting our job, we decided to go somewhere North and avail for a Day Use sun soaking. It is our team's tradition to really try a new place to unwind, talk about anything and just bond! We enjoy so much to be in the water and eat together having fun! So, we chose Coco Palms and make the most of the day reminiscing how our friendship started! :)


Saturday, October 04, 2014

I WAS SYKES! it's official!

They say magic begins out of your comfort zone. I shall take chances on this! Sykes has been my home for 6 long years. Leaving is hard! But then again, there are personal factors I am considering to better myself and to step up my game! I'm not getting any younger! I need to challenge myself to take risks and try something unfamiliar.. That feeling of being stagnant and bored and demotivated is taking its toll already. It's normal though, yet unhealthy and I need immediate rescue.  

Now that I have decided to finally let go, i'll be parting with a heavy heart! Surely, I will miss friends so dear to me! Thank you so much for understanding my unstable temperaments...specially my hypo-manic episodes! haha! You've seen me so happy and noisy and loud and talkative and angry and in grief! almost everything, yet you guys never give up on me! I can never be so thankful, EVER! 

My life at Sykes is an open book. Everyone knows what I have been through and all the struggles that came with it. I am never shy to cry infront of the whole account. Haha! Funny, immature, childish fights with teammates? FB status rants? Mark that check! Hunger Games? Add that too! hehe! The good thing about it? Everyone is willing to lend a hand. Their warm acceptance will always be remembered! And most importantly, the lessons I have learned in Sykes for the last 6 years definitely made me a better person! Better bah? Yup! slight! hehe!

P.S. Sykes taught me the beauty to travel and wander! and of course, to be a foodie sometimes! and a coffee addict too! and more! and fatty belbel pd! :p

some random memories i've collected