Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kuruko No Basuke

I am trying my best to make one drawing everyday! guess what? it's still a struggle! hahha! it took me five long days to finish it! do you find this anime familiar? if not, you should watch the series! you can't get enough of Kuruko's basket tricks! :) They're my new fave basketball team, GO SEIRIN! :)


Saturday, September 06, 2014

Don Merto's

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day! In case you are looking for a place to spend your morning meal, you can check out Don Merto's, located at Juana OsmeƱa St. Cebu City ! It's got lovely ambiance, so perfect on cold rainy morning! They offer breakfast for 128 pesos inclusive of: 
  • 1 cup of rice (plain or garlic)
  • 2 eggs (sunny side up or scrambled) 
  • refillable drinks (coffee, juice or hot sikwate)
  • and a choice of: spam, bacon, longganisa, etc

i would recommend you to try their hot sikwate! so tasty and so pure!

good morning baby! i just love eating my meals with you! :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blue Elephant: Apple One Sky Lounge

Anniversaries are well-celebrated with sumptuous dinner and a lot of lovin' on the side! :) Great ambiance and good food should be a factor to consider as you reminisce the laughs, the petty fights and plans you've shared with your partner! So where should be best to dine? Well, we're always curious on what to expect at Sky Lounge. We've been saving the place for our most important day, our 1st year together! 

Since both of us are working, we just had a quick glimpse of the place. As expected, we did our thing again... our "fast-paced-eating-like-there's-no-food-tomorrow"!!! hahah! While feeding our hungry tummies, there was not much of love confessions happening though (for we always do that like every single day!), but instead, we rate the food, the place, and the service. Whatever we found out, we won't be sharing it here... I would still recommend you guys to check the place, it's still worth the try!

Anyhoo, here's what you need to know about Blue Elephant Apple One Sky Lounge:

-It's located 19th floor of Apple One Tower near Ayala Center Cebu
-You can choose between:
          Al Fresco 
                    - rooftop lounge overlooking the city lights of Cebu Business Park.
                    - cover charge: (300 pesos/ person consumable) at 5pm to 8pm; 
                      9pm to 12mn, no cover charge

          VIP Lounge
                    - a more intimate indoor dining space
                    - cover charge: (350 pesos/person consumable) at 5pm to 8pm;
                      9pm to 12mn, no cover charge
                    - with 10% service charge

Cowboy as we are, we chose Al Freso! Mmmm, well it's the only option we had for all other table for two were reserved already! So, if you plan to dine there, do a reservation ahead!

as the elevator door opens, this tarp greets you! :)

since we chose Al Fresco, here's our city lights view!

happy 1st year anniversary baby! you will forever be my always! :)

Glazed Chicken Wings at 185 pesos

Korean Premium Baby Back Ribs at 320 pesos

by the way, we were satisfied with our food! lovin' that little spicy kick!

and he gave me the sweetest cake ever! the choco truffles as toppings are to die for!
and surprisingly, it's a red velvet  cake covered with choco mousse at the top!
you can get it at Vanille Cafe & Patisserie for 375 pesos! JUST WOW!

Thank u baby! everyday with you gets better and sweeter!
"you're a little bit of that nice cup of coffee  every morning...
i might have it everyday, but i still enjoy it"! I Love U!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Doodle Tee Compilation!

To those of you who are unaware, I occasionally make a "DIY" tee for my close friends who are supportive of me generating money out of my sole hobby, "DOODLING/DRAWING"!  hehehe! I didn't coin the idea, but who could resist such fun thing! plus I'll be earning!  GENNIIUUUSS!

It all started when i posted this picture via Facebook! it got a lottah "Likes"
and a friend commented that she's willing to pay if I make one for her!
and so the thread goes on and on and i ended up buying
textile paints and brushes for my supply! :) isn't it brilliant?

this is the latest tee I made for myself!
whio's that POKEMON?... it's bulbasaur!

another tee for myself! i'm selfish! hehe!
and I have tons of white tees in my closet!

this is the very first tee I made two years ago!
it used to be just black n' white! and then i colored it! :p


These tees are for adults! it's for 99 pesos, if you secure the shirt! 199 pesos, if i'll be the one to provide it!


Kids Tees cost 88 pesos (with shirt provided) and 150 pesos (without shirt).
if you're interested, PM me via Facebook (
i won't be providing my number unless orders are validated! :p