Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rodeo Grill barbeque + sizzlers

we always anticipate weekends! why? it's both our restdays! hoooorraaayyyy! what plans do we have? just stroll the mall and test our SALE resistance! hhaha! since it was payday and on sale, everyone's flocking to the mall. you won't get to enjoy items you wish to buy and you're just exhausting yourself for nothing! you'll just end up hungry! heheh! so where to dine this time? RODEO GRILL! they just opened their 2nd branch here in SM cebu. We were even entertained with cowboys dancing to Miley's Hoedown Throwdown and Bruno's Uptown Phunk song. sorry weren't able to capture it, i was busy watching them. :p

i had to borrow their crew's cowbow hat, i was envious! :p

and i have to have him try it on too! :)

you should check out their Texan Sizzling Chicken (149pesos),
it's perfectly cooked and they generously pour on its gravy!
t'was so so good!

this is their Kansas Tender Ribs!
you have the option to choose the "for her" or "for him" size.

let me stress that their meals are with free drinks already! amazing right?

and every meal is offered with double cup of  rice.
do i need to say more? it's all so sulit! :)

Rodeo Grill is located 3rd floor of SM Cebu beside the Bingo Hall. :)
so, you go and hurry! it's budget-friendly!

and let me add that he did buy a new basketball shoes!
despite the busy people around. heheh!

he's got his new KB Mentality shoes!
i can sense someone's so excited to play basketball already! heheh!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Coffee Prince

sometimes, we just need to sit, have a coffee and vent anything we wish to talk about. and that's what we did last Sunday. t'was such a lazy, yet fun date! thanks to this korean cafes sprouting everywhere. these cafes had been feeding FB for quite sometime now. and we were a bit curious on what to expect. been seeing pictures of friends hugging this huge, ridiculously looking bears, so we wanted to have our share too! hahah! to be different, and to avoid from this bear-hugging mainstream, we cover our faces with cute cartoon-looking pillows! we were like pokemon or some relative of mojacko's! hahah! isn't it cute? :p 

i look like Mojaroo! heheh!
my shirt sort of fit in to this "cornyness", it says to Stay Weird!

and he was like Doraemon and Dodeng Daga in one! hahah!

surprisingly, t'was spacious inside!
with lots and lots of scary looking toys! heheh!
pardon for not liking them :p

we have the best spot in the room to goof around.
we were making fun with the stuffed toys that badly need some dusting!

our orders served!

their iced mocha costs 145php.

and their mango cheesecake for 140php.
to be honest, i find it too pricey.

i can always grab me a cheesecake at Leona's half the price they offer.

those chibis painted on their walls are so so cute!
i wanna paint on it too! :p

and they have this colorful hearts with every lovers name who drop by their cafe!
we were gonna ask for a heart too, so we can lock it there but we forgot. :p

this is how the cafe looks like.
it's an old house transformed charmingly into a cafe! :p

i would suggest you secure the topmost space in the corner
to avoid people from passing by you.
it's a bit crowded by the way. heheh!
t'was still a sweet treat to cap our night!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Orange Karenderia

dinner date every monthsaries, it's a tradition we keep. ours fall every 29th. but since february is leap year, we have to date a day ahead. feb 28th is more likely fine than mar 1st, right? Hahah! so where to this time? how about the usual stuff! a karenderia-ish dinner! it ain't bad especially that the place got very nice reviews from the blog foodies. i did hear about Orange Karenderia before but totally forgot about it until we celebrated my bday in Pizza Republic. both diners are sharing the same roof. only a wall separates them.  we're both excyted on what to expect. i know exactly that they offer delish food at a very reasonable price. and yeah, they did!

once you're inside, you have to look for an available table first.
check out the food they offer, it's all over the place with its cost.
the menu is like a wall decor they hang everywhere.
and it's so affordable. 

hi baby! notice the wall decor at his back?
it's the price of their drinks! you can get it at 20 to 30 php.

they have a menu for grilled, sizzling, veggies, desserts, etc.

under sizzling menu, we chose Gambas for 150php.

under their main menu is this crispy tuna belly for 120php.
this is so so good. we'll definitely order this again next time.

and my favorite of all, Betsy's Garlic Chicken (135php)
I would want my chicken as tasty and as crispy as this.
the thought of it makes me wanna go there now. as in now!
include this if you wish to dine there! definitely a perfect 10.

and my baby would always grab a bottle of beer.

their counter area where you'll get your order.
you can see the cooks doing their stuff.

it is a chalkboard by the way, they can just erase and add what's new on the menu.

lovin' our date! so full and so so sulit!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pizza Republic: bday celebration continues...

bdays won't be complete without spending it with these crazy xteammates! been with these people for 5 to 6 years already. sharing so much of our immature personalities, we've mastered each of our weaknesses, likes, dislikes, familial issues, almost everything. hahha! so how can i ever missed spending my special day with these special people. 

we planned on having our team socials at Pizza Republic long before it first did its soft open. but we never had the chance to coz of people swarming this place. now that we no longer working on the same floor, we made our team social into a get together and catching up on my bday! yeyeye! everyone's excyted to pick and mix their own pizza preference.

most of us never like veggies! just meat! wonder how our pizzas turn into! hahah... i'll just have to select what i think is safe. white cheese, mozarella, onion, pineapple, tomato, bacon, sausage, pepperoni and more...

i was the happiest that night coz i missed them so much.
the humor is really different with them. always the best talk i can have!

they're like family to me. they've accepted me and embraced my flaws.
i can be myself when with them.

some weren't able to make it but definitely we'll find another time.

by the way, i forgot to say that i like the place.
never expected it to be spacious.
and it still is visited by tons of people.

these were picked by yours truly and momikat!
it's cheesy and meaty.. no greens and jargon spices.. hahah!

these were claude's and jay's...
it's second from the best (ours were the best) :P

these pizzas were shoti's piece. he said it's masterchef inspired. hahah

my ootd?! hahah! nope! just need to pose for documentation :p

since the pace was fast, i wasn't able to snap a pic from the dough,
to the cheeses, the meats then these spices and herbs!

i shouldn't be too picky. mine was simple and safe..
how about u baby? i know u only want tomatoes in this area. haha!

hey shoti? why so busy right there?

so sweet of u baby... and u were rockin those sexy back! Hehhe!

Monday, February 23, 2015

my bday, their treats!

t'was a very long day on my birthday! i had to meet my bestfriends for breakfast, a dinner with family and a surprise cake from my officemate at work. i did not take a bday leave for it was a holiday. it was Chinese New Year's too. so? Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

i had to thank God first for His gift of life.
for not giving up on me and for always believing that i'm strong..

i never wanted for my teammates to know that it's my bday.
but a few people already greeted me on facebook.
so yeah, there! my cake! haha!

i looked uneasy! haha!

after shift, off to besties breakfast.
a cupcake from la marea.
it was so so sweet of them!

and a present from Aisha, its got nail paints
and some hair clips, ring and bracelets.

and to keep the talk flowin', our obligatory frappucino,
c/o keisha for she has this free something from starbucks.

my lovely besties! I have the most pretty friends!
so lucky to have them! and since we don't want to go home yet,
keisha again treated me for movies.
we were supposed to watch That Thing Called Tadhana
but it's no longer showing. We watched 50 Shades of Grey instead!